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October 22, 2015

What a beautiful couple.  The location…beyond lovely.  The weather was slightly letting us know a storm was coming.  😉 My favorite kind of weather.  Large willow trees with their long branches swinging over the pond, big tall cottonwoods, soft grass…a random ski lift chair to spend gazing at said pond…seriously, it was beautiful.  Chris had such a quite and caring nature about him.  Making sure Mackenzie had everything she needed, offering to help carry my bag, or even pausing and saying, “yes, please take a ton of photos of Mackenzie”  She is SO loved.  And then Mackenzie, I don’t know why I got the southern vibe from her…could be the boots (which I WANT…unfortunately I found out she is not my size…sad day) .  But she had a way about her that made you feel as if you’d been friends forever.  Not only that but she is stunning.  Gorgeous blue eyes that would light up when Chris would make her laugh.  Absolutely adore this couple and I can not wait to photograph their beautiful wedding next year!



  1. Ashley Louise McKenzie says:

    This bride did such an awesome job with her outfit changes! I love the photo of him brushing hair away from her face and kissing her forehead. So romantic.

  2. Ha — exactly what Ashley said — gorgeous outfits, that photo of him with his hand on her neck is stunning (and so intimate!). And as always, your artful edit is just lovely. Congrats!

  3. Deziree Dufresne says:

    Seriously perfect location! This whole session is so soft and romantic, just perfect!

  4. Jennie Crate says:

    The third shot, of them on the hillside? Serious perfection.

  5. Willy Wilson says:

    Wow that shot of them on the hill with the lake in the background – enter it in a competition. It’s amazing.

  6. Ashley Zenzen Meier says:

    I want a chairlift for my backyard! Love this. Beautiful photos and the emotion captured is so real!

  7. Mary says:

    If I haven’t said it before I LOVE everything about your style! I wish I could go back and have you photograph my wedding.

  8. Ashley Busch says:

    I always love your work!! Beautiful light and crisp, fun images!

  9. Danielle Bond says:

    I’m pretty obsessed with her white dress and boots! I love the first ones so much! Great work!

  10. Louis Olvera says:

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  11. Stephanie Morrell Sugaski says:

    I love the photo of them on the hill looking at one another, so so sweet.

  12. Erica Thompson Swantek says:

    What a beautiful engagement session. Love the location and her clothing choices were perfect!

  13. Rayna says:

    Lovely session! I love how you really captured the mood!

  14. Devorah Roldan says:

    I absolutely love how you made it work perfectly with their height difference! Love them all, amazing job, Elizabeth! As usual! 😉

  15. Gwen Shoemaker says:


  16. Heather Conkin says:

    This is seriously so sweet. I especially love the one of them under the tree 🙂

  17. Autumn Cutaia says:

    What a cute couple! I love the tones of your photographs!

  18. Melissa Trout says:

    These are absolutely fantastic. Love!

  19. Monet says:

    Fun moments, quiet moments, intimate moments….you captured it all. Beautiful work!

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