Erin and Chris | The Hudson Gardens | Denver Wedding Photographer

November 19, 2015

What an amazing wedding.  The weather was simply spectacular as it held on for fall for this sweet couple.  Erin and I had been worried about snow…but fortunately the weather had other plans.  Stunning fall colors of red, yellow and traces of green still left from the season.  During the portrait session I took Erin and Chris over to the Monet Gardens…ummm, it seriously looks like you stepped right into one of Monets paintings.  So beautiful.  Not only that but the way Chris and Erin laughed and kept looking at each other…melted me on the spot.  Its amazing how as a wedding photographer you get to witness things like that…you can’t help that kind of happiness.  The oh my gosh…we are doing it…we are getting married today kind of happiness.  And for me, those little moments, where I see that…where the client completely forgets about all the planning, the weather, the friends and family and just lives in their day.  Ahhh, its breath taking to see.

You know, I meet so many sweet people in my business.  So many clients that I call friends.  And Erin is one of those people that you just love on the spot.  She’s down to earth, sweet and funny…not to mention she has a smile that makes everyone simply want to smile back.  You are stunning Erin and the way you love Chris and the way he loves you was simply an honor for me to photograph.

So many sweet and beautiful moments filled this day.  And to watch and photograph their friends and family love and celebrate this couple…its another reason I love to photograph weddings.  Happiness, love and celebration.  What a gift to be an observer to these beautiful weddings.  Chris and Erin, I simply wish you both the best.  I’ve loved every second of working with you!

Photographers | Elizabeth Ann Photography and 2nd Photographer Chelsea Spika

Venue | The Hudson Gardens

Wedding Coordinator and Event Planner | Marissa Bovee with Yibe Weddings and Events

Florist | Bare Root Flora

DJ | Rob with Function Pro DJ

Catering and Desserts | Tony Rossaci’s Fine Catering



  1. Mackenzie Nemeth-Suko says:

    Are you kidding me? These photos are insane amazing! Your style fits so well with their wedding!

  2. Cara Elizabeth says:

    I love the romantic feel to your images. You have a distinct color pallet to them that makes them so dreamy. Beautiful work!!

  3. Julie Livermore says:

    Her flowers are amazing, love the purple fall tone that continues throughout the images. So many beautiful, romantic and joyful portraits from the day.

  4. Keziah Kelsey says:

    AH! beauty is from the inside and thesse images really show that! What a gorgeous, loving woman; I can jsut tell I’d love her to bits if I met her. Amazing job as always.

  5. Rachel Greiman says:

    These are beautiful! Your portraits are so creamy! And for a venue that is photographed soooo often, you made it look so unique. Can’t imagine how thrilled the bride must be with these!

  6. Jenae says:

    gorgeous colors and posing! Beautiful capture of light and emotion as well– very happy photos! 😉 Little Ring bearer stole my heart!

  7. Monet Nicole - Birthing Stories says:

    If I was to go back in time…I would have hired you for our wedding. Just gorgeous! The colors in this wedding are so sharp and stunning, and yet you added the perfect amount of softness/creaminess. LOVE.

  8. Rebecca Kuhn says:

    What a gorgeous setting and couple! Ahhh… just love these images, the COLORS are amazing!

  9. Chelsea Spika says:

    Ahhhh… You are so good!! Amazing job on this wedding! This couple made a fabulous choice!

  10. Jennie Crate says:

    Love the colors! Especially in the ring shot. Great job Elizabeth!

  11. Mary Schlener says:

    I love the way you capture details! So elegant.

  12. Miqui Miller says:

    Straight out of a magazine–dreamy!! The purple flowers added the right color of pop perfectly!

  13. Erica Thompson Swantek says:

    So gorgeous! Your work continues to blow me away!

  14. Chris Erin Loring says:

    Beautiful! I love her dress, so simple and elegant

  15. Amanda Tipton says:

    Pretty pretty! I love your use of light, and her floral was gorgeous.

  16. Rayna McGinnis Mason says:

    You are so, so talented! Which ceremony site is this?

  17. Stephanie Morrell Sugaski says:

    So pretty! I’m in love with the one of him kissing her forehead.

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