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December 14, 2015

This was stunning.   I’m not sure how to describe this day because a lot of it was how I felt.  Hugs were given, tears were shed, happiness…for them.  I enjoyed watching that sweet contagious happiness that they shared with their family and their loved ones.  Jen and I felt like we were part of this family.  All day the staff at the Pinery checked in to make sure we had everything we needed.  I can not say enough that I am impressed with the people at the Pinery.  They care so much.   Everyone was so involved and the day just flowed so seamlessly.  I can not wait to share more of this sweet wedding…and if you would like to follow me on FB I’ll be posting several more pictures from their stunning day before the big conclusion.  But for now…here is a sweet preview!  What a perfect day to celebrate with Sarah and Caleb.  Congrats again! <3



  1. Danielle Bond says:

    Gorgeous!! I love the first one! So much joy and love! <3

  2. Julie Livermore says:

    What a stunning bride, her dress is magnificent! I love the emotions and light you captured here, will probably click back on this link a few times!

  3. Jamie Kraus says:

    Wow, stunning. I can feel the love and joy through these beautiful images!

  4. ginny says:

    These are beyond amazing!!!

  5. Hoooo-lllyyyyy STARS, this entire day is pure magic. I love that gorgeous mountain winter light.

  6. Jennie Crate says:

    I’m in love with the movement in that dress! And the black and white couple’s portrait is beautiful!

  7. Rayna says:

    Beautiful wedding! I absolutely love that first shot!!

  8. Chelsea Spika says:

    You are so good!!!! Love these!! 🙂

  9. Oh my, the light in that first image is breathtaking.

  10. Erica Thompson Swantek says:

    Stunning is right! These are simply gorgeous!

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