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January 22, 2016

Let me just say doing a recap of all the weddings I photographed of 2015 was incredibly fun for me.  So many sweet memories came flooding back.  Many of them were shared right along side my sister with kreatid Photography.  I simply can not describe the year with out her in it.  We’ve spent many hours logged together with driving to mountains,  seeing elk, moose, or rams…and always my sister has to jump out immediately to grab her camera and photograph them.  Her goal is a bear this year lol.  I’d rather not see one up close but it would be epic.  We’ve spent a lot of the year laughing with tears streaming down our face.  Nothing like being tired after a wedding and finding everything really funny.  But we’ve also spent time crying at mother son dances…I think we are thinking about our sons in those moments…and its precious.   Really we tear up a lot during weddings.  Every wedding is special to us.  I get asked if it gets to be more of the same…but it doesn’t.  Each wedding is like unwrapping a gift every time.  The bridal party lets us in and we celebrate right a long side the family and friends gathered each time.  Jen, you have been such an incredible supporter to me in any adventure and having your talent at many of these gorgeous weddings…in AZ with your weddings or in CO  with mine,  its been a priceless year.    Love you.

2015 was an huge success for me.  So many precious friendships have begun.  So many happy priceless memories of 2015.   That trust was given to me to be part of your beautiful day…trust to photograph not only the portraits of your wedding but the in between.  The small moments that tell the story of your day.  The way your Mom looks at you while helping you into your dress.   Or the way your Dad squeezes your arm a little tighter as you walk down the aisle to your hubby.  Or maybe its that moment with your grandmother as you take her hands into yours and she whispers congratulations to you.  The moment when your hubby sees you and cries…literally cries because its your beginning.  Ahhh, I cried right a long with so many of you this year.  I’m so blessed and I don’t take it lightly that I’ve been asked to be part of your priceless moments.  So my 2015 couples…thank you for your faith in me.  Thank you for your encouragement.  I simply wish you all the best in your newest adventure.

Here’s to my 2016 couples <3


Here are a few of my favorites of 2015!



  1. Brooke Burdic says:

    So Beautiful!

  2. Jill Bowman says:

    This was so beautiful to look through. Again, your work and your sister’s work is stunning. Thank you again for capturing a special memory for me of my sister and her new hubby!

  3. Helen Cantrell says:

    Great work. I loved the one with the–wild elk? Magic. Also, really like how you do drifts of gorgeous cloth–look at some baroque and Renaissance painters sometime, there are wonderful billows and drifts and contrasts of light, huge draperies, like I believe you see too.

  4. Chelsea Spika says:

    Any time you and your sister want a third to cry with, let me know. 😉

    These are stunning. You continually impress me with every pose, moment captured, lighting choice, editing style, and how incredibly sweet you are as a person.

    GORGEOUS! I can’t wait to follow your 2016 weddings! 😀

  5. Jennie Crate says:

    A beautiful collection of images from a beautiful year! So much talent! Here’s to 2016 🙂

  6. Jen Driesbach says:

    I LOVE this and you!!!

  7. Christina Gonzales says:

    Stunning images! It sounds like you had such a blast capturing all of them! Makes me want to get married again!!

  8. Danna Frost says:

    Ummm WOW! Beautiful work!

  9. Ashley Busch says:

    Gorgeous photos as always! You are so lucky to be able to work alongside your sister. I am definitely envious. Like you, the mother/son dances get me every.single.time!! It’s strange how emotional a wedding can be once you have your own kids and family. It’s a game changer for sure!

  10. Flor Blake says:

    Wow, your work is dreamy, whimsical, and gorgeous. What a gift to your couples!

  11. Sunshine Lump says:


  12. Sarah Goff says:

    EVERY. SINGLE. IMAGE is amazing. Dreamy!

  13. That is a LOT of over the top, breathtaking beauty in one post!! The rings on the succulent took my breath away right up at the top, and I’m pretty much breathless by the bottom! You are so so good at this!! If I ever get married………..

  14. Gwen Shoemaker says:

    So many great shots! Beautiful, soft light! Love the ring and succulent shot among many.

  15. Sarah Morgan Boccolucci says:

    Really stunning work!!!

  16. Kelsey Booth says:

    Gorgeous! Girlllll you so rocked it!

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