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January 2, 2016

So in love with this beautiful wedding and couple.  There was a gorgeous Arizona sunset, a stunning couple, amazing floral details, family and friends that absolutely made Jen and I feel so incredibly welcomed and loved through out the day…umm, honestly this list could get really long on why I love this wedding so much.  There was a few moments during the toasts that totally made me agree completely with what was being said.  Many would say that Emily goes out of her way to show kindness.  It was something that I thought about her before it was even mentioned.  I went in to help my sister with kreatid photograph her friends and beautiful clients and I left feeling as if I made several new friends.  Emily and Dallas were such amazing hosts and to see their friends and family love on them…such an honor to have been part of their day.  I’d love to share a few photos from my perspective on this stunning wedding.  Dallas and Emily, I simply wish you the best.  I can not wait to see the rest of your wedding through Jen’s talented lens.  Head on over to her facebook page to see more!

kreatid Photography

For now, here’s a little preview of what I was up to this week!  <3



  1. Keziah Kelsey says:

    I feel like a broken record, but, OMG YOU’RE ridiculous. OK, to the details. Your style is really settled and clean and consistant. There’s magic in your work. It goes beyond your technical prowess ( signifigant) and shows the hearts of the people you are working with.

  2. Savannah Chandler says:

    So beautiful! And she is STUNNING. I love the leading image, the sun shining through is perfect.

  3. Erin Clark Knabenbauer says:

    Love your work! The black and whites are amazing classic and glamorous! This venue is beautiful!

  4. Gwen Shoemaker says:

    So light and airy. Beautiful!

  5. Kate Carlton says:

    Oh my goodness. Everything about this is stunning. The venue, the dress, the connection, the light, this amazing couple. This is goregous. what a heart song of a wedding.

  6. Jennie Crate says:

    Love the bridal portrait stratight at camera and the photo of the girls twirling!

  7. Katie Bicket Green says:

    All the photos are so striking and beautiful but I think my favorites are actually of the dancing! Such emotion and connection between everyone in them! I love when family’s enjoy that moment.

  8. Larissa Clark says:

    I think I want to get married again just t have you photograph the wedding!! 😉 but seriously, those black and white reception images are breathtaking!

  9. Kayla Feldman Scott says:

    I love how you use light in your photos! These are amazing!

  10. Ashley Zenzen Meier says:

    Beautiful! So light, airy, elegant and real. Great job, lady!!

  11. Lindsay Tullar says:

    beautiful couple! Love thier color choices! You have a great eye girlie

  12. Chris Erin Loring says:

    Once again your use of light is so so good. Just gorgeous!!!

  13. Corey Elizabeth Weber says:

    Wow! the light and the way you capture each moment is so dreamy! I want to rave about all of them but I can’t because I would take up your entire page. This is magic and exactly what every wedding photographer should strive to create, its everything.

  14. Amanda Tipton says:

    Stunning, stunning work. Amazing. Love the flower girls in particular!

  15. Deziree Dufresne says:

    That light is YUMMY! Beautiful work as always! You’re pretty much a rockstar 🙂

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