The Evergreen Lake House | Melissa and Austin’s Preview | Denver Wedding Photographer

June 21, 2016

The day started out very rainy and moody.  And it was so beautiful.  Melissa said, you know what…I don’t care.  I love it.  The rain, whatever it decides to do I’m getting married.  Guess what…she ended up getting both.  Jen and I photographed the sweetest couple saying their vows right next to a lake with mountains and friends surrounding them.  The whole day Jen and I were made to feel so special.  Its amazing what a hug and kind words can do.  <3 Thank you for trusting me with such precious and beautiful moments.  I could not resist sharing a few favorites from their wedding day.  Congrats again Austin and Melissa.  I can’t wait to share the rest soon!  Follow me on Facebook for random previews through out the next month!

Elizabeth Ann Photography



  1. Jolie Rodriguez says:

    So so beautiful! I love the gray tones at the beginning. The last image is just breathtaking!

  2. Danielle Bond says:

    Sooooo beautiful and magical!! That light, swoon!

  3. Kayla Feldman Scott says:

    Wow… Your work always blows me away but these are just amazing!!!!

  4. Danna Frost says:

    I love the way the rain brought some drama to the images and the last image of her is absolutely stunning!

  5. Jill Houser says:

    Those colors are YUMMMMM. beautuful job!

  6. Melissa Johnson says:

    Wow that light!! Incredible!! These are so beautiful!

  7. Jess Elysse Kornacki says:

    I have never seen this Lakehouse look this good! Beautiful images. You captured all of this so well.

  8. Julie Livermore says:

    Perfection, this bride must have fainted when she saw her previews. The tones and compositions are A +++.

  9. What a gorgeous wedding! You did a lovely job, per usual! 🙂

  10. Cara Elizabeth says:

    Ok just stop.. these are way too beautiful!!!! seriously I am in love with this set <3 Amazing work lady!!!!

  11. Amanda Hamilton says:

    That location, amazing! Stunning images, I’m sure they will love these

  12. Katie Bicket Green says:

    Oh man the florals on this wedding are stunning. Of course you captured them beautifully and I love that last shot of the bride. So soft and delicate.

  13. Belinda Cano Stephens says:

    Amazing work! Beautiful light. I love these.

  14. I have seriously been waiting for this blog!! These are so amazing, Elizabeth!

    Here is a list of everything I find perfect, in no particular order. 😉
    The edits, view, poses and happiness!

  15. Haley Elizabeth Allen says:

    Seriously… these Evergreen Lake house photos are just stunning! Every image is just so lovely!!

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