Garden of the Gods | Mandy and Alex | Colorado Springs Wedding Photographer

August 26, 2016

I like the way they smile at each other.  Its an interesting thing being a photographer.  I’m naturally trained to notice random things lol.  All while hoping to photograph the scenery and my couple in a flattering way.  But I’m very quick to notice just how my couples interact with each other.  YES, most of my couples walk in not knowing what to expect.  I mean they do…but when its their own personal session…that is a different story.  And I admit the same in return.    Many might feel shy being in front of the camera…ummm, that would be me should there ever be a camera in front of me where I’m not in control of the shutter.  ;p  I spend a lot of the time talking to my clients during the shoot.  I want them to forget that its about a session and more about how they are interacting as a couple.   I loved the little things that told me just how treasured Mandy is.  Alex would help her with the bag, or he would naturally just lean into her and smile down at her, or the way he would hold her hand without being told to.  This.  Its a beautiful thing to see.  I loved the way Mandy would make Alex laugh.  Or the way she would talk about him.  These two are so obviously smitten with each other that photographing them was a dream.  Add in gorgeous light…and to be honest, Colorado was saying HEAVY rain lol and we ended up with an epic sunset.  ;p  COlorado likes to keep me guessing all the time.  Also, it should be noted that their dog Scout has the best ears and most photogenic face ever.  I wanted to just stop and pet Scout the whole session haha.  Anyway, ADORABLE.  I’d love to share a few of my favorites from this session.

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Thank you so much Mandy and Alex!  I can not wait to photograph your beautiful wedding in October!



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