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August 20, 2016

I met Kait at a wedding I photographed this summer at the Boulder Wedgewood Event Center.  I remember her coming to say goodbye to my bride.  She had helped coordinate their beautiful day and she just has an easy way about her that I loved.  She ended up calling me a month later telling me how much she LOVED the images of my brides wedding and that she was planning her own and would I be interested in being her photographer.  UMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM, yes.  What an incredible honor to have been asked by someone who sees tons of weddings.

There is something to be said for a relationship/friendship that starts so easy like this.  Paul and Kait, I know I say this a lot…maybe its a theme with my couples lol, but they are so comfortable with each other and readily laughed…even though I did make them wake up WAY too early haha.  I loved hiking and exploring Mt. Falcon with them.  No one was there at the time…okay, maybe a random determined runner here or there.  But it was so quite and peaceful.  The colors just before dawn…well, and in particular this dawn were breathtaking.  Reds, orange, deep blues and purples.  I’ve never seen one like this.  We literally had about 15 minutes of sun before it dipped behind these clouds so it was so worth it that we were there early.  Not only that, a whole herd of deer decided they wanted to be in the same field for photos as we did.  So if you are picturing a very serene setting for an engagement session…you would be correct.  Congrats Paul and Kait…what a beautiful day getting to photograph you guys.  I absolutely loved getting to spend time with you and so look forward to your wedding in January!

Here are a few favorites from their sunrise engagement session.  To see more head on over to my facebook page:

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