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October 31, 2016

I asked Adrian and Meghan how they met.  I didn’t know it would be a story made for a movie.  Meghan said she accidentally rode the wrong bus at school but decided to take it anyway.  She saw Adrian, Adrian saw her…lets just say they each though the other was incredibly good looking. 😉 She gave Adrian her number and they went out on a date soon after.  What was interesting was they each said it was not really a great first date.  Not awful, just not great.  I wasn’t expecting that lol.  The 2nd, a little better but Meghan was not convinced at this point she wanted to go further.  But Adrian called one more time…they had a great third date.  BUT this is where I think the story gets pretty fun.    They said good night and Meghan mentions he kissed her good night but it just wasn’t a great first kiss at all.  So she thinks…you know what.  I’m done.  Good thing Adrian didn’t think that…he calls her 5 minutes later and asks her to come outside…lets just say he gave her a good night kiss that changed her mind for the rest of her life because she is now marring this man.  OH MY GOSH.   I love their story…I love that they didn’t give up.  And that Adrian seriously scored major man points for calling her 5 minutes later to change that first kiss experience.

Fast forward to their engagement session.  I instantly felt a connection with them.  They are both incredibly witty, laugh easily, and just had an easy way about them.   I loved the way each of them seemed to look out for the other.  Or that Adrian asked to carry my bag or hers more than once.  Little things like that say so much to me about a person’s character.  Anyway, I could not be more excited to share a few favorites from their engagement session.

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Congrats Adrian and Meghan.  I simply can not wait for your beautiful wedding.



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