Destination Wedding Photographer | Preview of Heather and Anthony’s Wedding

November 16, 2016

I so love getting to play the role of 2nd shooter.  WAIT…what did I just say?!  Haha…don’t get me wrong I absolutely adore being the lead photographer for my business.  But getting to play more of an observer roll especially on a wedding day is pretty amazing.  Add in that I get to watch my sister Jen with her clients and she is not only  extremely talented at what she does but understanding what they need before they even have to ask….ah, that is what I call crazy talent.    And its simply beautiful for me to observe.   There are a few photos in this post that show Heather laughing at something Jen is saying…and its quite possibly one of my favorites from the wedding because it shows that when we come in and photograph our clients they have fun and can relax and be themselves.  Anyway, this is just a preview post…but it was such a breath taking wedding that I could not resist sharing a few favorites that I photographed for Heather and Anthony’s gorgeous Arizona Wedding.  I can not wait to share more.  Also, if you’d like to see what I’ve shared on FB click on this link:

Elizabeth Ann Photography

 My sister Jen has a beautiful blog post up on Anthony and Heather’s wedding day as well.  I’d love to share the link too!



  1. These are absolutely stunning!! Gorgeous work!!

  2. Absolutely stunning! What a gorgeous day and you captured it perfectly!

  3. These are ridiculously beautiful! And what a gorgeous bride!

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