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December 22, 2016

Ohhhhh, its my favorite time of year.  Reflection on the past year and not only that but I do a highlight blog post of my engagement sessions as well as my wedding’s at the end of the year.  My wedding highlight will come next week as I have a wedding in Estes Park next week…and they need to make the best of 2016 weddings one too.  <3

So looking back…its obvious I’m a mountain girl photographer.  Haha…sure I had a few urban sessions thrown in to stretch my creativity and I loved that.  But for the most part that quote…the Mountains are calling…yeah, thats me.  🙂 I met so many unique couples and I’m beyond excited to photograph their wedding in 2017…that is if I haven’t all ready done that this year.  I love that I can see growth in my connections with my clients.  I love that I can see real emotion in many of these images.  And as always…I love light.  Its a huge factor on why many of my clients come to me to be their photographer.  It simply lights up my soul to see sun and the way it can pull in so much warmth and emotion in an image.   A lot of these images are focused more on my clients interacting with each other.  Do I take photos where everyone smiles for the camera?  Yes, I most definitely do.    I’ve just never been drawn towards those the most.  So you get to see what I love in my work.  🙂

This year for my engagement sessions, I woke up at 3am, hiked in several miles to photograph a sunrise in the mountain of Colorado with a sweet couple. I watched many beautiful sunsets with my clients as we chased the last bit of daylight.  I climbed a few mountain trails while carrying about 25 to 30 lbs of camera gear.  Shoot my bag is kind of heavy to begin with.  I should have huge muscles…sadly I don’t.  All though I am working on that.  Haha…ask me about crossfit sometime and you’ll wish you didn’t.  😉  I walked through the streets of Denver and had a homeless man sing me the coolest song.  I walked through cold streams of water, photographed sessions in 5 degrees with crazy wind…not sure who’s crazier me or my client for doing this.  On that note…I’ve hiked through several feet of snow with me wondering if it was a drift or if it was the edge of the cliff.  Not my finest hour.   But here is the thing, my job, I have so many adventures.  I go all over Colorado and I get to hang out with the coolest people.  PS I want to travel more in 2017.  I’m putting it out there in the great wide world…email me and I just might take up your adventure out of state.  😉

I simply love what I do.  And here are the gorgeous clients that made this year another full time wedding photography gig.  <3 Love you guys.  Thank you for the sweet support, your words of encouragement, your beautiful reviews and for trusting me with so many of your big life moments.  Can’t wait for my 2017 clients!  For now here is a little of what I was up to this year for engagement sessions in Colorado.



  1. Ashley says:

    Amazing 2016! Gorgeous photos of beautiful people?

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