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December 8, 2016

Ohhh, I love that my sister with Kreatid Photography has a wedding business in Arizona.  And that I get to be her second every once and while.    It allows me to travel and get to see my family at the same time.  Both things I love tremendously.  Not only that, Arizona is simply gorgeous!  For Nadia and Trevors wedding they chose to have their wedding reception at her parents house that sits right next to this open spaced mountain dessert.  UMMMMMMMMMMMMM, this Colorado girl was in love.  I love the cactus, the gorgeous colors at sunset and simply being warm haha.  Okay, so its 5 degrees today and reliving this wedding is making me feel extra warm today.

So many beautiful special moments on this gorgeous wedding.  I loved the way Nadia laughed and it simply changed her whole face.  What a stunning woman and that smile she has…lights up her eyes.  You could see how happy she was.  I loved the moment Trevor turned around and had the biggest smile ever when he saw her…and he quickly pulled her in for the sweetest embrace.   I loved watching the two of them laugh with their friends during the portraits.  Or the way they danced under the twinkling lights like they didn’t have a care in the world.  It was simply a beautiful magical day.  And I’m so incredibly excited to share a few pics I took from this day.

 If you’d like to see the beautiful conclusion that my sister put up, click on this link!

the kreatid blog

Simply stunning work!  So honored every time I get to work with you Jen!  <3

Congrats again Trevor and Nadia…you both make for the sweetest couple!  Wishing you both many blessings on your marriage!



  1. Taylor Fisher says:

    Oh, Arizona, I love you. I absolutely adore everything about this wedding! You captured everything so perfectly! Beautiful job, as always!

  2. These images are stunning! I agree, getting to do what I love and visit family at the same time is my favorite combo. Beautiful work!

  3. Beautiful! We just got back from a vacation in AZ and I have to agree — that part of the country is just breathtaking. Phenomenal work here, you captured the day beautifully!

  4. Ummm, how amazing is it that you get to shoot with your sister?! So awesome! These are beautiful. I just love those AZ sunset images!

  5. ginny says:

    Girl, these tones are amazing! So pretty!

  6. Christine says:

    These photos made me feel warm just looking at them! Really beautiful images.

  7. Bianca says:

    Gorgeous…and that light!!

  8. So romantic and airy! LOVE all of the dresses! And I think it’s so cool that you get to shoot with your sister!

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