Rivers Edge Colorado Wedding | Shayla and Sisay

March 30, 2020

Rivers Edge Colorado Wedding | Shayla and Sisay

A little over a month ago, Shayla and Sisay shared their beautiful vows in front of their closest friends and family. A little over a month ago we lived in a very different way of celebrating weddings. I know we will get back to that place of hugging and dancing and laughing and crying together. These photos remind me to cherish so sweetly every moment we get together. As a wedding photographer you look for not only photographing the details that your couple put time and attention towards but in the photos of your Aunts hugging. Or your niece dancing quietly or not so quietly lol in the corner. Its in photographing the couple laughing and dancing with their friends. Its photographing your grandparents watching in all the fun and sometimes they show everyone a thing or two on the dance floor as well. When your getting ready for your beautiful wedding I’m there to photograph you with your girls, or with your mom as she tries to hold back tears. I feel that as I’m photographing it. SO much goes into a wedding day and I absolutely LOVE that I get to be part of weddings like Shayla and Sisay.

I had never photographed a wedding in Pueblo before Shayla and Sisay’s. I loved the design on this building that I had scoped out before meeting up with Shayla. I knew we would be heading to the riverwalk later on that night with Shayla and Sisay and wanted to find something a little more urban for them to have as well. With Shayla’s incredible gown the stairs made for such a dramatic image. And her gown was SO unique. I loved the sleeves on her beautiful dress. Her gown was complimented so perfectly by Sisay’s custom suit. I can’t say it enough…get a custom suit guys. Looks SO sharp and then you have a gorgeous suit for the rest of your life. Win win. lol

I simply can not wait to share a few of my favorites from Shayla and Sisay’s wedding. At the end of this post I’ll also share the names of all the lovely and oh so talented vendors involved in making their day special.

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Stay safe everyone! Can’t wait to get back to celebrating more beautiful weddings this summer!

Elizabeth Ann Photography
2nd Photographer | Chelsea Spika
Venue | Rivers Edge
Florist | Campbell’s Flowers and Greenhouse
Hair Stylist | Becky Lashchuk
Makeup | By Shayla
Bridal Gown | Something New Boutique
Officiant | Yuri Lashchuk
Cake | Made by Shayla’s Aunt!



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