Younger Ranch | Sherrice and Danyel

January 21, 2021

Younger Ranch | Sherrice and Danyel

I have been so excited to share Sherrice and Danyel’s beautiful Younger Ranch wedding. I met them both at my gym Crossfit Endemic a few years ago. Sherrice would quietly be lifting insane weights in the back and I would say thanks for getting my warm up weight on the bar for me. 😉 In reality, I’m probably one of the weakest in the gym haha. Its okay. Danyel, I always saw her as being a huge supporter for Sherrice…never realizing that yes, she is also insanely strong. Sigh…a girl can dream. But anyway, back to these two. I became friends with both of them on facebook and what I observed about their relationship is that through all the ups and downs that life would throw at them they always had each other. They would find ways to love the other in such unique and beautiful ways. Or I adored how sarcastic their humor is and I would often find myself just laughing at their random everyday life stories. To be honest, it was just a magical day for me being part of their wedding. The day could not have been more perfect for October. In Colorado I always fear a big snowstorm when I know most of my couples in October are hoping for a fall display. The one thing that 2020 gave us was a beautiful fall. And their wedding day also had an incredible sunset.

This was my first wedding photographing at the Younger Ranch. What a gorgeous and vast place to get married at! The ceremony sat up on top of a hill that guests drove up to. It was surrounded by pine trees and a large opening overlooking a beautiful field of tall grass and Pikes Peak at a distance. Then guests would drive back down to a large barn area with outdoor seating and the perfect place for cocktail’s and games. Market light was spread through out the barn and outside and created the best dance floor for Sherrice and Danyel and all their guests. So much happiness for this couple. It was so obvious just how love and adored these two were by their friends and family.

Sherrice and Danyel, thank you for trusting me with not only your engagement session but also your beautiful wedding. Getting a front row seat to such an incredible love was such an honor. Thank you both for being such a beautiful example of how to live and love. Wishing you both all the best in your next adventures together.

At the end of this post will be a list of all the talented vendors who helped make this wedding possible at Younger Ranch for Sherrice and Danyel.

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Elizabeth Ann Photography

2nd Photographer | Skyler McNulty

Venue | Younger Ranch

Florist | Eco Chic Bouquets

Cake and various pies | Boonzaaijers

Fox Cookies | Riki Martinez

Wedding Coordinator | Always and Forever Weddings – Tresa Taysom

Officient | Pastor Ben

Caterer | Broken Bones BBQ

DJ | Rob, Function Pro DJ



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