Cheyenne Mountain Engagement | Jackie and Eric

May 13, 2021

Cheyenne Mountain Engagement | Colorado Springs | Jackie and Eric

You guys! This was such a fun Colorado Engagement session! They were a referral from one of my 2020 couples and it was easy to see I would love Jackie and Eric just as much. Shout out to Eric and Becca…excited to see you at a few weddings this summer and thank you thank you for the best client referrals.

Okay, back to Jackie and Eric’s engagement session. We went up and explored Cheyenne Mountain for their session. And I swear I fall more in love with Colorado each time I hike here. Beautiful mountain views, big tall pine trees, random tunnels…a rumor that some are haunted. Which adds to the fun to this spot. But be ready to wait for a parking spot as its no longer a hidden gem here in Colorado Springs. But well worth the patience and time to get in. Eric and Jackie were so fun to photograph. They have a natural way of reacting to each other that I have to say my camera loves. ITs often that couples are shy in front of the camera but feel so incredibly comfortable with each other that you get a front seat to how they respond to each other in real life. I loved that about these two. So easy to see how they are compatible with each other. Either making the other laugh or making it obvious how much they adore the other. Its always my goal to reach in and find that when working with my couples.

After our session here we headed downtown to get a few city engagement photos. Ahhh, Colorado Springs. While it doesn’t boast of big tall high rise buildings…it has charm in spades. I loved the city lights and cute patios we were able to discover through out Colorado Springs.

Jackie and Eric, so much fun with you guys and exploring parts of Colorado Springs. You guys make for such an incredible couple and I’m so honored to be your photographer for your wedding later on this year! What a great start to the wedding season.

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