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Okay, crazy windy day but getting to photograph this handsome little man…and he was in a tux!  I kid you not…I was in heaven.   So I had to dance on my head, sing really loud and pretty much try every trick in the book…we got some smiles.  ;p  I’ve so enjoyed getting to know him […]

Abbygale…so sweet, shy and full of expressions.   To me her eyes express so much…so much soul at just one.  Love that she would smile for pictures of animals, her mom or praise music being played on her mom’s iphone.  Hey, whatever it takes right?  ;p   Abby is so loved…by her older sisters, her Dad who […]

Luke, an absolute adorable little man.  Fell in love with his sweet blue eyes and the expressions big or small that he would give me.  I may have had to sing if your happy and you know it a few times but the little smiles he would give me melted me.  What a heart breaker!  […]

Did I mention I love my family?  I do…and these two girls are my nieces.  And I love them to pieces.  I love the way they laugh at each other, make jokes, when I really have no idea what they are talking about…but I laugh anyway.  They listen to random, cool and eclectic music and […]

This location ended up being a bit unexpected.  It was a COLD and windy…and the attempt was going to be for the penny arcade.  However, Brody had other plans…and I’m SUPER thankful he did.  We ended up inside a beautiful building that has amazing light…I’m hesitant to share because I’m thinking its an untapped gorgeous […]


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