Gloomy day blues…

May 14, 2010

So this past week it has been gloomy and a bit boring.  Yes, I realize that makes me a bit of a whiner but its the middle of May and we had a couple of days with SNOW…it didn’t do anything drastic but it just makes for some gloomy days for me.  I miss the sunshine…the warmth…the good stuff about spring. ;p 
So today, enough is enough…there is beauty to be found in the gloominess.  Yes, I can rise above my moodiness.  ;p   I took my babies…grabbed my favorite blue umbrellas and found a beautiful and enchanted place.  I think there is just something extra about a place filled with big, old trees…a rarity for sure in Colorado Springs.  Exploring…now this is the part that makes the day for me and my babies…it brings a sense of adventure to an otherwise gloomy boring day. 



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