A Genuine Love…

June 18, 2010

Have I mentioned that I love my job.  Yes, I believe I might have once or twice.  🙂 Why do I love it…because I get to capture moments, I get to observe a different way to love, I watch and often think to myself how cool is this family, couple or person…depends on whom I’m taking pics of I suppose. ;p    And the cool part is you let me.  You let me walk into your family moment and you trust me to capture those moments.  To show you how I see your family and for that, yes, for that, I know I’m blessed.  So, back to the point here…I got to spend an evening with this wonderful family.  I think you will be able to see in these pictures the amount of love that this family has for eachother.  Its in the little details that I see, the hands on eachother, the looks that the Mom and Dad give eachother…the way Dion is captivated by Megan…(he might have kissed her a few times without me prompting him to…just sayin, Dion loves Megan :),the way the older sister is so protective of her little sister.  The older sister, Kaylin, all though she was very shy, her face and her eyes capture another little girl completely.  A girl who has the best little smile and her eyes just show how genuine she is.  Seriously, what a sweetheart.  Little Isabella…I can see she has this family wrapped around her little tiny finger.  All though she is too little to talk much I can tell she is going to have some fun stories someday.  There is something about this familie’s eyes that captivated me.  Each and everyone of them was genuine with me.  I loved that about them.  So enjoy one of my highlights for this week.  Such a lovely family. 



  1. jen says:

    beautiful! love the last one! 🙂

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