Becky Higgins Big Photography Giveaway…

June 28, 2010

So a couple of months ago I discovered Becky Higgins.  She is a little bit of everything…think, home decor, yummy recipies, photography tips and tricks, organization…simply put…everything I’m interested in. ;p  She wanted to see if there were any photographers out there who would give back to their local community.  The community had to then enter in under their city’s photographer and enter a reason why they should be chosen.  Kari’s jumped right out at me.  I’m such a sucker for Daddy stories…and this one…WOW a year he will be away and serving our country.  Inspiring to me…mainly because this family all works together to protect us…I know that sounds dramatic but its something I feel that is often overlooked.  Another reason this jumped out at me…My husband used to have to be away A LOT and it was hard as a mommy with two kids…and pictures, well, they helped.  I would look at him…remember that moment and it didn’t feel so hard in that little small space of time.  So I wanted to give that to Kari’s family and hope that it would help in some small way. 

And this is why I chose her…
“We are in the springs and would love to have our pictures taken. We are a family of 4, and hubby is getting ready to deploy to Afganistan. This will be his 4th time to go overseas. Our girls are 7 and 2. I would love to have some pics to capture our family before he goes. They are going to change so much while he is gone, I want to capture how close they are to him right now. I know this one is going to be hard on the little one as she is a daddy’s girl and isn’t going to understand daddy’s gone for a long time. Please pick us your work is beautiful and I’d love to have it in our home.”

So enjoy some of the pictures from this sweet and beautiful family’s photo session



  1. My favourite one is the first B&W of the whole family. So clean and clear — the eyes really stand out. Rosemary

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