What if…

July 2, 2010

Have you ever stopped doing something because you were afraid you would fail?  Have you ever talked yourself out of even attempting a dream because someone told you “its been done before” “you don’t have enough experience” “there are too many just like you out there”  or worse you told yourself you couldn’t do it.  Have you ever stopped doing something because you saw someone do something AMAZING with your same talent and you thought to yourself, well, I can’t do that.  Better quit because that person is better.  So you never took that first step.  That moment where you take a deep breath and you jump and you say to all the people who told you…you couldn’t…I can.  And I’ll do it again and again.  Well, being that person takes courage.  To push past that wall that so many of us have created for ourselves because in some peoples minds its better to have not tried than to have embarrassed yourself attempting your dream and failing. Or not doing something because you wonder what other people will think.  Will they love your attempt or hate it.  Success is often rated by others, as who appoves of what your doing.  When really success should be that you gave it your all.  You said I will instead of maybe I won’t.   Those kind of people really rock in my world.  
Fear has so many faces.  So many ways that fear can hold you back in life.  Faith, friendships, travel, food, hobbies, family…in each area I bet there is a bit of fear of, what if I’m not loved back, what if I’m not forgiven, what if I’m horrible at it, what if I don’t like it…now for me… when I’ve said no to any of the examples above I now wonder well, what if I loved it, what if I rocked it, what if they did forgive me. 
So many things in my life I look back on and I wonder…”what if”  I didn’t quit.  What if I kept on pursuing that dream…where would I be right now.  The people who have attempted to tell me to slow down…that I can’t do this or that….Im wondering what dreams of their own they gave up.  Because often the ones that tell you you can’t, are the ones that gave up or that never tried.  I know something about myself…I’d much rather be that person who gave it everything I had and be sitting in that rocking chair next to my hubby when we are old and thinking…we gave it all.  We worked hard, played harder and enjoyed this life that God blessed us with.  Oh, I want to be that person.  
 Where would you be if you just pursued that dream…if you took that step and said this, this dream is for me.  I hope you find it. 

Because she wants to be a princess someday…
Because he wants to work on cars someday (well, at least thats his dream today)…



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