A Sweet Southern Family

July 12, 2010

So I found out first hand this past week that the rumors are true.  Southerners really are sweet.  If the accent doesn’t get you right from the beginning, than the hospitality will just make you wonder why you don’t live in the South.  Seriously, they were that surprising for me.  But back to the accent for a moment…this may sound weird but I really just wanted to sit and listen to them talk.  It was a soft southern sound, next to my awful Chicago accent I felt uncivilized.  But maybe I sound really cool and retro to some.  No…okay well, at least I can dream.  What a fun family!  Camille, Matt, Brit and their dog boon…after Daniel Boon they told me.  Why I didn’t catch that right away I don’t know.   They offered me a glass of wine, offered me dinner…just wanted to stay and hang out with them for the evening.  This session was unique for me to see a family interact in their own setting.   Dinner time is one of the main activities so it was fun to watch everyone be involved.   Camille was grilling, Matt was chopping total gourmet style onions and Brit was baking a cake.  And Boon was hanging out waiting for one of them to drop something…really anything.  Poor little dog. ;p  So yeah, southerners will invite you in, wine and dine you and look amazing while doing the above.  Amazing family!  Enjoy some of our moments. 



  1. janet says:

    AWWW…love the sweet southern tone to this…looks like a great family…sounds so fun!

  2. jen says:

    love the detail shots! great work! and seriously? a dog named “boon”…seriously cool 🙂

  3. Lindsey says:

    lovely picture bets!

    Sometime you need to come to our house and let us drink wine and be your models:)

    Love the collage too – Fancy!

  4. elizabeth says:

    Ahh…thanks for your comments. Made my day. And Linds…WOULD so love to do a “lifestyle” photo shoot. Only if you cook in one of those cool vintage aprons. That would be awesome!

  5. Erica says:

    What beautiful pictures. I love the way the light softens each frame. Just stunning

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