July 19, 2010

Pregnancy…its so beautiful to me.  Well, it is when I observe someone else going through it.  🙂  There is a certain protective nature that comes out in the mother, father and really most strangers who walk by or rush to open the door to help out a pregnant mama.  A certain awe about the fact that a woman is carrying a child and nurturing them before they enter the world.  All the dreams that you carry and hold during that small short time…its just to me a protected safe and beautiful time.  I loved that part about pregnancy.  The curiosity about what your child will be like, who they will love and what they will be when the grow up.  I know that these emotions are not just limited to pregnancy, its just what I can relate to. 

So this beautiful pregnant mama that I had the honor of photographing last Friday night…wow.  She is stunning.  Long brown hair with green/blue eyes (can’t decide which).  Not only is she incredibly beautiful but she is funny, sweet and kind!  What a cool, cool lady.  Kristen has two beautiful babies at home Copeland and Ryker  and is expecting TWIN boys, Sawyer and Emerson…I am simply loving this families choice in names.  Unique and cool at the same time. 

Back to last Friday…there was something about the sun and this beautiful stunning pregnant mama…it all worked perfectly.  Either that or the sun just graces this woman wherever she walks.  Thats probably it.    Here are a few of our pics from that beautiful night. 



  1. jen says:

    love, love, LOVE the 3rd one from last! great shoot, yess! 🙂

  2. Mount Cutler says:

    Thanks for making me feel beautiful! You are so amazingly gifted and beautiful yourself. You have such a gift to bring out the beauty behind the lens of your camera.
    PS…Emerson and Sawyer loved it too!

  3. cristy says:

    GORGEOUS! Love these, and would have LOVED to have picts like this when I was prego…maybe if there is a next time!

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