Lightning, Thunder and the rain….

July 21, 2010

Colorado in July. 
What can you expect? 

Dark dramatic clouds.  Rain storms so big that you get a touch nervous watching them come in.  And yes, I watch them.  I feel so small.  And I often just stand in awe at nature just taking over.  The storms here are rarely the soft gentle rain…its more like fierce blowing winds, loud thunder and wow the lightning…its amazing.  Not to mention the annoying habit of crazy hail and the flash floods that happen quite rapidly around here. 

My fascination with stroms began with my Dad.  We used to live in a house where we made a garage a room.  And this was really just the coolest thing ever for all of us.  We would roll up the garage door and watch the storms.  My dad would tell me to count the seconds between the thunder and the lightning and that was how close the storm was.  I would snuggle into him and enjoy every minute of those storms.  Counting together…. and that was often our big entertainment for the evening.  And to be honest…I don’t think you can top a thunderstorm.  They are just too cool.

So the other night, I got rained out for a photo session…but I really didn’t want to miss out on snapping a few photos from my deck.  If you look closely in the first shot you can see Garden of the Gods in the lower corner.  Pretty cool…and for those of you that don’t live in Colorado Springs…that mountain is Pikes Peak.   



  1. jen says:

    oh my goodness…the last one and the b&w one are crazy cool! beautiful stuff, yess! 🙂

  2. wow! These are really amazing- so impressed by your ability to capture people and landscape with the same fabulous eye! The first one is my favorite- love the coloring!!

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