Joanna – Class of 2011 – Cheyenne Mountain High School

July 24, 2010

What did I take away from this session, about this beautiful girl?  She blew me away with how sweet, kind, funny, and respectful she was.  Yes, Jo Jo is in highschool.  That age…I remember it like it was yesterday…some of the best times in my life were in the year that Joanna is entering.  Senior year!  Just saying that when you were a senior…it was special.  You looked up to the seniors for years thinking…how cool are they.  And they are…its just the way of life.  There is a certain freedom in that age that you just can’t capture quite the same way at any other time.  The memories, oh so sweet.  So, Joanna, my advise to you…grab this year with all you have and just enjoy it to the fullest.  Such a great year! 

To describe her…long brown hair…beautiful eyes with so much expression.  Loved it when she would laugh at me (hey it happens often ;p) her eyes would express it.  Not only is she fun and beautiful but she’s a great athlete!  Basketball player…yeah, she’s tough like that.  And how could she not be a great basketball player with her mom (Lisa) coaching her the last several years!?   

So here are a few of our pics from that morning!  Thank you so much Joanna and Lisa.  You were both just a lot of fun to work with.



  1. Sarah says:

    Ahhhhhhhh!!! Love these!! Love this girl, Jo your are beautiful and fun and Elizabeth really captured that. These are the best senior photos I’ve seen. Great job!

  2. Coach Kris says:

    Beautiful pictures of such a beautiful girl! I am especially in love with the one of her with the basketball. I’m surprised she didn’t bring her pink ball though. Great job Betz. I feel like you captured just how sweet Joanna is!

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