The Nelson’s

September 16, 2010

Let me start by saying I love this family.  Yes, I’ve known them for quite awhile…Kris (you’ve seen several posts starring Kris, Mike and of course my adopted (oh yes, she’s mine…) ;p niece Hayley) is one of my closest friends.  She’s more like family for me.  And through that I got a job working for her Dad…Dr. Nelson.  Yes, I used to be the office manager of Nelson Orthodontics.  And PS, if you are looking to get the most beautiful smile in CO, I would suggest Nelson Orthodontics to anyone.  You will see as you look at the photos…it looks like a colgate commercial with all those beautiful smiles. 

So yes, working with Dr. Nelson and Kris and occasionally Cheryl…was fun and they always made me feel a part of their family.  From the lunches, christmas parties, driving up to the woodland park office, it was just simply, an amazing time for me.  Through that I got to hear all sorts of really crazy stories about Lee and Kris growing up…oh yes, serious, FUNNY stories about the two of them.  Lee would have no problems duking it out with Kris and Kris in return no problems running to Dad.  After she swiped a few at Lee might I add, and then Lee…poor Lee having to do pushups or some other crazy type of punishment.  I think it makes me laugh because it sounds very similar to how I grew up.  Only, it was Josh (my little bro) getting in trouble.

So here are a few photos from that morning…




  1. Kris says:

    I love them all! It’s nice to finally have some pictures with the whole family! Thanks again you amazing photog!! Literally, you are a miracle worker getting all the kids to cooperate so well.

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