Vintage love…Part 1

September 14, 2010

So I’m calling the first part of this engagement…vintage love.  Because, well, they wanted my antique couch(that just makes me way too happy to use in a photo session) and its in a field…and they love each other. ;p  So its vintage love. 

Kory and Stephanie, super fun couple who loves… indie music, hiking, eclectic finds, downtown Denver, and of course each other.  Wishing you both the best!    Loved hanging out with them for the evening and capturing some fun moments.  The first part of their session was in Colorado Springs and the 2nd part to be shown later, in Denver.  (psst, this is where he proposed to her)  But more of that later… 

I thought it would be fun to surprise them with a custom made  champagne label designed by Kreatid with their names and date of their wedding.  This ended up being SUPER cool and really, a nice touch to their session.  Thank you Kreatid! 

So, while I’m pouring the champagne, another couple came over to admire AND ask to sit on that sweet couch of mine…yes, this happened.  And…to make an offer…hmm, should I or shouldn’t I?

Oh, that just made me laugh.  But just reaffirmed my love for my sweet antique couch.

Enjoy some of the pics from that evening…



  1. jen says:

    love it! beautiful, soft, dreamy love! 🙂

  2. These two will cherish the photos forever. Well done.

  3. Sam says:

    I love love love the last picture in this set of shots you can feel the love

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