Wes – Class of 2011 – Palmer Ridge High School…Part 2

September 5, 2010

So yes, Wes, gets two parts to his session. 

Why…well, you may remember him from a previous post.  The sweet bridge, rain…and the session WAS awesome BUT no sunshine.  A must…because Wes, is simply a super funny and a sweet guy.  Really, he is.  You can kind of see it in some of these photos…but he’s laughing at me.  Shocking I know because I’m seriously so cool. ;p  

For some reason, with Wes, I end up either scaling large bridges or running up barefoot a steep rock wall (my flip flops really are not made for climbing walls).  But…in my defense, the best shot was the one that we took because we climbed that wall. 

Justified.  ;p 

Wes, you simply, make me laugh.   Love your style, your sense of humor…and I wish you the best! 



  1. jen says:

    wow! the 2nd & 3rd shots are some of my favorites…IN-credible shoot! 🙂

  2. I love how you captured his eyes in the second and fourth! Super cool shot with the mountain background! you go.

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