emporiium…yes, the day has arrived! :)

September 6, 2010

Thoughts…hmm, I’ve been busy.  Talking, dreaming, planning and now the day is here…a beginning. 

So…what is emporiium?

it’s a colaboration of creativity between my sister and I. 🙂

emporiium = a shoppe where passion and photography meet.

we both have gone through the lessons and struggles (and are still going through) in bettering ourselves as photographers using whatever resources we can find wherever we can find them. the thought that emporiium could be a “one stop shop” of knowledge, templates, props, camera tips, pose guides, etc. appealed to both of us. thus, the birth of emporiium! 🙂

why the two i’s in emporiium?

because two “i’s” run the shoppe! Ha…I so love that.  I know…I’m a nerd…but admit it…its cute. 

both of us are equally passionate about capturing timeless images and priceless knowledge
and then sharing them with you!

our desire for emporiium would be:

for the seasoned photographer trying to increase their sales by offering new templates to their clients;

for the mommy/daddy trying to capture the magic in their child and needing a few tips;

or simply for the hobbyist looking to push their level of skill to the next level.

photography should be about growing…challenging your eye to see new things, to use your camera in a new way. our desire would be for emporiium to help you in your journey!

emporiium is still in it’s infancy stage, BUT…

soon we will be offering “how-to” downloads, photographer templates for enhanced printing, posing helps…basically everything we’ve learned so far in this amazing field of photography!

too early for holiday cards? haven’t even had your photoshoot with either of us yet?  (pssst…season specials coming soon! )
no worries, purchase now and save for your finished product after you view your session’s photo’s!

and, as a thanks for all of you who faithfully stalk read our current blogs, we’re offering free shipping until september 15th, 2010.

want to be first to know what’s next for emporiium?

follow us on twitter @emporiium!



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