Carnivals, fun slides and my brother Josh and Lindsey…

November 24, 2010

Carnival = Happiness
           Memories, I have a lot of warm sunny days in my childhood.  Specifically carnivals…the cotton candy, the giant stuffed animals, Ferris wheels, tilt o’whirls (not really sure of the name) fun slides…and mazes, the crowds.  All sorts of crazy things to look at in a carnival.

                       Josh + Lindsey = Happiness

My brother Josh and my sister in law Lindsey chose this carnival for their photo session while I’m here.  (pssst, I’m in AZ and I’m LOVING it)  🙂 
       One year ago, I was shooting their wedding (with the lovely Kreatid) watching my brother marry the perfect match for him.  I simply love them both.  Both of them can make me laugh till tears fall down my face. Their friendship is important and valuable to me.  Love you. 

Josh…my brother.  So a part of who I am…who I’ve become.  He’s the one (one of many) who…encouraged me to go after photography…supporting me with encouragement AND he happened to be a huge role in getting me a pretty sweet lens…35mm.  So every time I use it..I think of this couple…this guy…my brother. 

So was I CRAZY excited to be hanging out with them. Um, yes…on so many levels. Love them and love their style. ;p Enjoy some of our pics!



  1. janet says:

    Wonderful! I especially like the last one…Josh’s expression of love is wonderful…looking at his beautiful wife…so special!

  2. Lindsey says:

    aw bets! Your creativity shines thru on every shot. Thank you so much for everything! We love the pics and you! Cant wait to get them printed and on our wall somewhere:)

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