A friend for life…

December 1, 2010

I met this beautiful crazy girl in 8th grade.  

                         Kate is  always the first to make you laugh till you cry, the first to suggest something crazy,

the first one to be standing in line to help you out.   She is simply put, a friend for life. 

           I have so many  memories with her…

soccer, Paris, London, Mexico, TP Bandits…um yes, we had a title (in our defense we

were really young…and it was cool),  we would punch each other in the arms so hard until the other one said

“UNCLE” (I, of course, always won. ;p ) staying up late laughing and pretend to sleep when one of our

parents would tell us to be quite, like I said, Friend for life.  Love you.  🙂 

                Chris, a match for Kate.  Yes, they fit so perfectly together.  Both outgoing and both

of them are people I  would count on for anything.  Love them and LOVE the way they interact with


          Charlie has a smile that is about a mile wide…and his eyes…so beautiful.  Sorry Chris…he just

is.    He laughs hard, and I can tell will be quite the  heart breaker someday. 

On this crazy cold day in Colorado…I got to hang out with these super special and important people to

me.    Enjoy some of our pics from that day!  🙂 



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