Love letters, vintage cameras and sweet love

April 17, 2011

This was, by far, one of my fav sessions of the year.  For a lot of reasons…but one of them is that Andrea is one my close friends.  From the beginning I got to see how Tim and Andrea’s relationship unfolded.  And yes, it might have been a themed party.   Which made it all the more perfect.  Because Andrea LOVES party’s.   A match from the beginning because Tim does as well.  ;p  I remember sitting with our friend Kris, and we declared, yes, declared that Andrea was going to marry Tim.  Yup, I’m that good.   
 But on a serious note,  they are simply, great for each other.  There is a sweet balance between the two of them that I loved watching.  The way the look at each other, talk, hold hands…so in love. 
The theme, for this engagement, vintage love letters.  Yes, we had a theme, but for a couple who loves themes this was perfect.  ;p  Andrea has old love letters written by her relatives.  Love letters or love post cards.  SO cool to see them.  And what a blessing to be able to see love from another generation like that.  How unique and special!  Tim, also another photographer, (click here to check out his work) brought sweet vintage cameras.  Loved the flash…just added the perfect touch to their late afternoon session.  
My sister, also the graphic design/photographer behind kreatid designed a vintage champagne label for them.  Loved it!  And it was so fun to see their faces as they saw it.  Thank you Jen! 
So, you could say, a picnic, love letters, vintage cameras and a beautiful, in love, couple made this session one of my fav’s this year.  Yes, you could say that.  Enjoy some of our pics from that afternoon! 

 yes, they were that excited to be getting married!  ;p 
*This engagement session was also featured on TML focus!  To check that out click here



  1. jen says:

    definitely one of my most favorite sessions you’ve done…the opening pic is adorable…her dimple is entirely too cute! and LOVE all those vintage post cards! great shoot, yess! 🙂

  2. janet says:

    These are so special! What a beautiful gift for your friends as they head into the last weeks before their wedding….these are just wonderful!

  3. super fantastic- I love the creativity and the energy of this shoot. You totally captured something really beautiful….

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