Colorado Springs Newborn Photographer – Sweet baby Abbygayle

April 19, 2011

Hello, sweet and beautiful, soft and precious.  Sigh…I love babies.  the itty bitty ones, the roly poly ones…
And Sweet Abby did not disappoint.   Such a laid back and relaxed little one.  I wanted to hold her and rock her and just stare at her.  I can’t believe how tiny and complete she is.  Beautiful. 
Her sweet sisters, so full of energy and life.  Rachel wanted to be my assistant, Lindsey wanted to tell me all about her sweet hippo.  There eyes so expressive and sweet.  I think Lindsey may be a touch on the fence about Abbygayle but she loves her.  Rachel, loved touching, hugging and kissing her.  So fun for me to watch them with her.  I think the best for me though, was when we wanted a few shots with their Dad, Chad.  Yes, this was the best.  Holding oblivious Abbygayle (slept through it all), Lindsey and Rachel wanted to climb all over him.  And Chad, he just laughed, and loved them right back.  What a sweet moment for me to see. 
So for me, Jill and Chad, watching them tease each other, help each other and laugh together…such sweet love…and for me to be a part of it, it just made me happy.  Simply a happy memory for me in remembering them and laughing right a long with them.  A couple so strong and obviously in support of each other…
Thank you so much in having me capture sweet Abbygayle’s new beginning in her life!  So precious and beautiful to me. 



  1. Judy B says:

    Love the one in green!! Too precious!!

    Awesome pics as always!

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