Colorado Springs Family Photographer – The “L” Family

April 25, 2011

I am one of those people that secretly wants to rub pregnant bellies.  Yes, I said it out loud.  And as a mother I know just how annoying that can be when you are expecting…but you forget. ;p   To me, a sweet pregnant belly is beautiful.  The woman carrying the child, yes, I find them even more beautiful.  And part of me believes that if you rub a belly you get good luck.   Oh, and this sweet woman, Katrina, is simply stunning.   Tiny woman all pregnant in the middle.  How do some woman get so lucky?  The glow, the complete adorable belly and a beauty that just makes you catch your breath.   Loved being around her. 
Her hubby Erik, loves her completely.  They just seem to have such an easy time together…laughing, mostly at me but still, laughing…so I’ll take it.  ;p  They compliment each other so well.  So excited for there next phase of life. 
And Lena, such a daddy’s girl.  Her face would light up when Erik would try to get her to smile…loved watching them together.  My favorite moment, when she kissed Katrina’s sweet belly…yes, love.  So apparent in every photo.  Such an amazing time with this sweet family…and I so look forward to  meeting your sweet little new one.   



  1. jen says:

    love the second shot! beautiful! 🙂

  2. Very nice. I’m loving your style.

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