Colorado Springs Newborn Photographer – Eliza – 7 days new

April 28, 2011

This family…sweet, southern and beautiful.  That’s how I think of them…you might remember them from a previous session, click here.  The same inviting and homey feeling for me with this session.  Camille had Eliza  a week before and was offering to cook for me while I took pictures.  Seriously, beautiful and cool woman.  Matt and Camille were happy and so laid back…laughing at each other or the little tiny things that Eliza would do.   Its so special and fun for me to be a part of such a new beginning.   
 Eliza, her face is stunning.  So petite and perfect.  Tiny beautiful features and so feminine at just one week.  Look out Matt and Camille.   Loved that Camille painted her toes hot pink.  Adorable and still makes me smile thinking about this sweet little one.   Sweet Eliza…I wanted to make her fold into tiny little positions…for the most part she would let me.  And then she would stretch out her legs…straight out or up…depending on where she was.  So funny and sweet. 
Happiness for me…yes, I so enjoy sweet little newborns and Miss Eliza did not disappoint.  So, enjoy some of our pics from that morning.  



  1. Camille says:

    Oh I love all these pictures! I am so happy with them! Thank you so much and please feel free to come eat with us anytime! 😉

  2. Cristy says:

    love these………beautiful baby! I adore that headband!!!!! UGH~so cute!

  3. Oh, what a sweet baby, but what do you expect with two wonderful parents. She is her daddy made over! Can’t wait to get to hold her!

  4. Which one would I choose for the one and only? They are all such amazing pictures. I think the B&W is my fav, but then…
    Your really captured a special miracle here. I love how newborns fold up their legs over their bellies….a long lost art in this body! 🙂

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