Colorado Springs Newborn Photographer – Piper Reese

May 1, 2011

So, I received a phone call a couple of weeks ago.  And it was one I had been anticipating, looking forward to…”its happening, baby Piper is on the way”  I  might have jumped and did a fist pump to the air…what no one was looking.  ;p 

Happiness, so much for me, for this family, whom I love so much.   Mike and Kris, so many memories with them in it.  Working together, running together, Jon breaking Mikes Golf club (brute strength ;p ) dinners, birthday parties, amazing cakes made with love (not by me…I burn every dessert) , trips to AZ, tears, laughter, twilight marathons, baby sitting…to say that I love this family…well it seems so inefficient at describing our relationship. 

What beautiful babies Mike and Kris make.  Yes, Piper and Hayley are beautiful.  Love both of them.  I especially loved how sweet and gentle Hayley is with her new little sister.  And the whole time, she would say, Betsy, in the sweetest little voice, and I would say yes, “I love you” or “I want to hug you”.  How can your heart not melt?

Piper, slept SO well, with this session.  I couldn’t believe how much I could move her and hold her…okay and kiss her too…without waking her up.  So much love wrapped all around this sweet new little girl.  Love her and I’m so excited to see who she becomes. 

Such an amazing blessing for me to be a part of this sweet family…taking their pics, simply makes me happy.  Enjoy some of our moments from that  morning. 



  1. Amazing!!! Love them all 🙂

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