Family, my nephews and grand adventures…

August 24, 2011

Let me just start this post by saying I love my family.  I mean, I deeply love them.  Yes, I said that.  ;p  I have two older sisters and a younger brother.  Each of us are married and hopefully soon my bro and sister in law will be adding to the mix of fun kids…oh yes, I said that too. 
We are a pretty tight family and each of us I feel would do just about anything for each other or our kids.  The sad part for me is that all of my family lives in AZ…so I get to see them…just not as often as I would like.  So when Kate said, I’m coming to Colorado I WAS SOOOOOO happy. 
Loved the quality time I got to spend with her and the boys…that’s what I call them…Aydan and Rylan.  Hiking, parks, penny arcades, the Manitou Incline (SUPER FUN!) and treasure maps that my nephew made for the younger kids.  Yes, he is SUPER creative like that…actually had a little map with X marks the spot.  Their big brown eyes are hard for me to resist…yes, super sweet and high energy loved being around them.  Kenzie and Rylan…she calls him one of her best friends.  And watching the two of them attempt to collect bugs or play some random game of pretend cats and dogs…I can see that bond and I hope that its still there years from now. 
  Its that part, the part of being a family that I love.  That I’m close with my sister, that my babies are close with her babies…it makes me smile and love being part of such a unit.  Even miles away.   Love you Kate…love your family and can’t wait to see you in October!  🙂 
So here are a few quick photos I snapped of my super sweet nephews!  🙂 



  1. Not sure why I didn’t see this til now. I loved all these pictures! Can’t wait to print them for my frames soon. Love you.

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