Colorado Springs Family Photographer – The sweet Bennett fam!

August 30, 2011

First off…love this fam.  Yes, I’ve done a few other sessions with them and each time I leave with a smile on my face.  They are laid back and simply laugh a lot.  A couple of my favorite things.  ;p  But what was sad about this session, Jeremy got a job in California.  So this might be my last photo shoot with them  in CO.  I say might because I might actually have to go to California and do a beach session….for sure that will have to be in the works.  Also a sad day for me because Savannah was my local seamstress.  Yes, she makes BEAUTIFUL and funky clothes for children.  I just might be having her make a newborn blanket for me right now.  Yes, that might be happening.  🙂  
What a beautiful place for us to shoot though!  Right next to the beautiful and so unique Garden of the Gods.  Loved the open space feeling and the texture of this really cool and funky old bridge.  Then Miss Bristol with her big brown eyes and curly hair and her BRIGHT and beautiful clothes…loved everything about her.  Eldon and his gorgeous smile and blue eyes.  The way Jeremy and Savannah would look at each other laughing at me…yes, this happens a lot.  But I’m laughing too so it all works.   Beautiful session for a beautiful fam…enjoy a few of our pics that evening! 



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