Colorado Springs Family Photographer – Garden of The Gods

September 1, 2011

I sat and just gazed at Garden of the Gods…I had a few moments before this family would show up for their session.  Seriously, made me smile and think how blessed I am as a photographer.  Love being able to capture beautiful moments, laughter and tears (happiness most of the time).  But I also feel blessed to live where I do.  Colorado is absolutely breathtaking.  And so unique…
Jackie had called me from Washington and wanted to get a family session set up.  For more reasons than one…but in particular, she wanted pictures with Hannah.  The newest addition to this extended family.   Watching this family interact and love on sweet Hannah…made me smile for her.  She has people that will love her and care for her…and watch out for her all over the world.  So sweet and so powerful that connection.  It made me think that no matter how crazy you think your family is…there is usually that feeling of connection.  That strength of knowing that when times are tough you have people who will help you and love you enough to be there.  Loved that this family laughed and loved on each other through out this whole session! 
So enjoyed spending that evening with them!  Enjoy a few of our pics from that night! 




  1. I love how your groups don’t look like they are all standing in a line waiting to be shot. I LOVE the four generations photo.

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