New York Wedding Photographer – Blake & Heather – August 27, 2011

September 9, 2011

Sense of adventure…yes, you could say that was the overall feeling for me on this wedding.  Traveling across the country, and then knowing that a very HUGE hurricane was going to be hitting during this beautiful event…made for some interesting moments.  I remember driving into the city with my sister in law Tami and being amazed at no one being on the highway…but of course everyone was leaving.  Signs saying mandatory evacuation…UNHEARD of for New York City.  Crazy.
I also need to just say…I like the vibe of New Yorker…a bit tough and cool, yes, I said this.  But for all that tough exterior it seemed to me that they laughed hard, loved and kissed with the best of them and made me feel like an extended part of their family.  All with the coolest accents too.  Yes, I might have fallen more in love with New York after this because of the people I met.
Apart from hurricane Irene…this wedding, the marriage of Blake and Heather…so beautiful.  Loved their care free attitudes, their happiness that was not dimmed by huge amounts of rain.  And actually, it seemed to be an experience that made their wedding that much more special, more unique and beautiful to me because of it.  As a photographer, capturing romantic moments in the rain…well, that just makes me smile and wish I had crazy rain on my own day.  Beautiful and gorgeous bride and groom…laughing and enjoying their time with friends and loved ones.  Getting to work with my super talented sister in law Tami (click on her name to see her beautiful work) was fun and special for me. 
Enjoy a few of our pics from such a beautiful and gorgeous wedding in Queens, New York! 

Love this image…ended up being one of my favorites…love the emotion and sweet smile this sweet flower girl gave me. 

This was the awesome bus they had to transfer the whole bridal party from ceremony to reception…and of course couldn’t miss the unique sign.  ;p 



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