Colorado Springs Family Photographer – A sweet downtown Colorado Springs Mini Session

December 20, 2011

The day could not have been better.  It was a random heat wave for Colorado Springs…almost 70 degrees in DECEMBER.  Those are my favorites.  Yup, its so random and it makes me feel happy.  ;p  Shooting downtown…there is just a fun energy to being in a city.  I love it.  Love the different textures that I get to play around with.  PLUS, what I loved about this session…I got to shoot with my new camera.  Uh, huh…my man got me a new Nikon to add to my business.  Love him and the support he provides. 
But back to this sweet session…Tara and Jackson…they look SO much a like.  The blue eyes and blond hair…gorgeous both of you.  The clothes Jackson was wearing…A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E.  And he was so all boy running around seeing if he could throw his hat on top of a building.  Yes, a really, really tall one might I add.  But he wanted to hold my hand and was sweet…so it was such a cool contrast.    And Tara, you are beautiful and so kind.  I’ve so enjoyed getting to know you. And watching you with your son, you are simply a great mother.  🙂  
So enjoy a few of our pics from that beautiful afternoon.   



  1. aww…I love the colors in the first one. This little boy kinda reminds me of Hudson – he’s got some mad style:)

  2. JakkeRphoto says:


    Amazing photos in yor site!

    Regards Jakke

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