Colorado Springs Newborn Photographer – William, 3 days new

December 19, 2011

Beautiful.  William is simply beautiful.  He is my last sweet little newborn for the year and I couldn’t help but want to hold on to him a little bit longer.  So little and precious.  His family so in love with him.  It was for me just a really special and fun time for me.  
You see, newborns…well, they are in particular one of my favorite subjects to photograph.  Oh yes, I get this comment, “its probably SO easy because they are sleeping”.  Ha…the photos are after we got them to sleep.  Oh yes, it takes a team…the Mom and Dad…the heater, shushing sounds, rocking or holding them…ahh…but those are the sweet and precious beautiful moments that build it all up for me.  I love it all.  Some babies sleep the whole time…its true.  And others, you have to work on your bag of tricks and patience.  But when I’m looking at their sweet photos after…I think about the parents looking at them several years later and remembering those little things…their little fingers and toes.  The sweet expressions they would make.  Its thinking about the parents that make me love what I do.  Because those moments in my own life, the first moments of my babies…are so sweet and so priceless to me.  So enjoy a few pictures from this precious boy’s newborn session. 

I think I wore him out in the end…HUGE yawn.  ;p 



  1. bets these are AMAZING!!! I love the ornament one;)

  2. Lalockert says:

    Absolutely beautiful! Greetings from Norway 🙂

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