Colorado Springs Family Photographer – Christmas Mini – Liz, Logan and Charlotte

December 16, 2011

So, did I mention I like challenges?  Well, I do.  The first session…oh yes, there were two and I’m admitting it.  The first session, took place on a snowy day, temperature sat pretty breezy at oh, 18 degrees.   The kind where you breath and it freezes your insides.  Not only that, it was windy.  Not a good set up for a sweet almost 2 year old girl.  PERFECT for a four year old though…yes, Logan LOVED the snow and I def. felt I captured his happiness.  But poor Charlotte, she is shy where Logan is outgoing.   So this first session, Charlotte might have cried the whole time..and in my gut I knew I was not going to sit well with leaving a session with so much unhappiness.  Plus, there was the challenge…could I get sweet Charlotte to open up to me….I felt I had it in me to get that sweet smile. 
So we set out a week later, in the same location and the temperature was oh about 40 degrees warmer…yes, that’s Colorado for you.  Just a wait a few days and the sun will be out and its tanning time.   ;p  I admit the start of this session started the same way…lots of tears. So I sat down, told Logan to play and I just started singing, “if your happy and you know it” all while not looking at her.  But Logan and I started laughing and singing a lot….I look over and Charlotte had a big smile on her face.  I can’t express the feeling…I felt like I earned that gorgeous sweet smile and it made what I do, how I go into a session, it just made me LOVE what I do.  The rest of the session, Charlotte was smiling and happy…which made for a very memorable session for me.  This was a gift for their Dad, Jeremy, who is on leave for the next 6 months…for a total of a year.  YES, a year.  So it made it even MORE important to me to capture this sweet family as they are.   Liz, thank you SO much for having me take these photos…it was simply an honor and one that will stay with me for a LONG time.  🙂  Enjoy a few of their pics! 



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