Colorado Springs Family Photographer – A reunion in the making…

January 6, 2012

So this sweet family has not been ALL together in 3 years.  Yes, two of the guys, Chad or Zak, were off fighting for our country.  Amazing and I SO thank you for that as small as saying that is. 
This year, they were all home and able to enjoy some sweet time with their family.  Katrina,  someone I’ve enjoyed getting to know and photograph over the last couple of years called me up and asked if I could photograph all of them together.   Of course!  What I didn’t expect was that everyone of them would be outgoing, sarcastic (in a good way), and totally at ease in front of the camera.  Its always interesting for me to see how a family interacts…not sure why, but I always compare families to mine.  Weird I know…but the connection and the teasing…its obvious that this family was built on love and laughter…cheesy to say?  Maybe, but its true.   And of course, its pretty easy to photograph a family that looks like they walked off of an Abercrombie and Fitch ad… just sayin.  ;p 



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