Colorado Springs Family Photographer – A sweet mountain cabin getaway.

January 4, 2012

 Okay, so this was AWESOME. I drove about 2 hours to this families sweet cabin that Mike had built for his family (he’s in financing and did this on the side…how cool is that?!). Gorgeous views right from the deck and the drive way view…took my breath away…that will be the first shot I post so you can see it. Not only is the cabin a traditional getaway at Christmas time for this family but a sweet retreat for Cathy and Mike. Taking time out of their busy life to just breathe and enjoy what God has blessed them with. I must admit to falling in love with this sweet family. The laughter, jokes, teasing…non stop,  made me laugh and so want to call up my sweet family after this session. This was special for me…not sure why other then the fact that each one of the family members…quality peeps. Yes, sweet and sincere. And I just need to say, Kelly, you are all sorts of crazy gorgeous. ;p

He actually threw the snowball at her…I don’t think I’ve laughed that hard in a while…it was awesome. 



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