January 1, 2012

Thoughts about strengths and weaknesses today.  And of course the motivation to start the year on a good note…a day that is usually filled with resolutions.  Its a good day…and a tough day.  Because you often have to stare at your short comings and realize you have so far to go….so the desire to be better, to work harder, love more sweetly and live more fully hits me pretty hard January 1st.  Every year…with out fail. 
So, every year, I have a tradition to take at least one photo today…to begin my year composing something just for me. 
I decided to go hike into to this place that I have been curious about as a location…I’m always looking for that magic spot for me and my clients.  And sadly this spot will not do.  But I still loved the search, the soft colors from the late afternoon sun and the moment to be alone and think through the thoughts I listed above. 

Just a fun quote…I found it on Pinterest. 
And lastly, the photo from today…just for me…a bit moody filled with the sweet sunshine that I love.  Happy New Year peeps…I’m excited about the challenges, blessings and the sweet new beginning of a new year.



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