Alex and Meredith | Arizona Wedding Photographer

November 14, 2012

Details…yes, its in the details that make a wedding.  Jen and I have photographed so many beautiful weddings this year and Alex and Meredith…WOW you guys know your stuff.  I could not believe all the amazing diy personal touches this wedding had.  And the fact that Meredith’s Mom played a huge role in organizing and creating stunning bouquets and center pieces….made for such a beautiful and personal wedding.   This wedding party…I have to admit, was probably one of the easiest and funniest group of individuals to photograph.  Someone was always making jokes, making the others laugh…or myself or Jen…it was really just a day of happiness.  And as always, such an honor to work with kreatid photography and design. I could not ask for a better partner and more creative friend, (who also happens to be my sister Jen)  to work with.   Can not wait for 2013’s weddings!



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