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November 13, 2012

Lena is turning 3…or all ready has at this point actually.  I began photographing this family when Lena turned one…so amazing to see the changes in her.  She used to be SO shy with me and now wanted to run, and laugh and smile with me.  That is one of the things that I love about my job…you have a 20 to 40 minute window at times to connect with a family…to make it fun for their babies.  
And I usually try and make the parents interact that way as well with their kiddos.  Why?  I also want parents to know that I am trying to capture real emotion.  An expression of happiness, or a moment where their child forgets me and focuses just on that parent loving on them.  I guess you could say that is my style…sure I pose families, buts its the in between moments where the insecurities of the camera on them (yes, most people get a little camera shy…its my job to help you forget that ;p) are forgotten.   The moment that it is real, that makes me as a photographer feel as if I’m capturing more than just a family photo.  I’m trying to capture that emotion that 10 years down the road you will want to see. 



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