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April 23, 2013

So I’m reading this book called, “Looking for Alaska” by John Green.   I’m still reading it…I’ve gotten to the point where I just need to finish it in the hopes that there just might be a happy ending.  But the intro is about why this kid wants to go to a boarding school.  His parents are asking him why he would want to leave.  He gets up and reads the “famous last words” of Francois Rabelais which were, ” I go to seek a Great Perhaps.”  Of course those were his famous last words so he never did get to go after his “great perhaps”

It was thought provoking for myself as I looked at my life and wondered if I’m living my “great perhaps” right now.  And challenging in that what if I’m not?    A lot of people spend so much time thinking about their future selves…if they only had this…THEN they would be living.  If I only had this…GEAR… then I would be an amazing life changing photographer.   Basically, you could fill in the blank with what pertains to your life.  But at some point you need to stop planning for your future because its taking you away from the “right” now.    And here is another crazy thought…sometimes living for the future protects you from dealing with the now.   You say, hey, if xyz happens then yes I will make something great of myself.  But that is allowing you to not have consequences for today.  To not deal with today is forcing you to walk away from your “great perhaps”  Yes, yes, I know I’m getting way deep and my Mom and Dad will probably be the only ones reading at this point.  But I have my moments.  Ha.   My sister was talking to me today and asking why I’ve been so quite on my Facebook page…I kind of like to think of myself as an encouraging person…thought provoking and hopefully challenging peeps to pursue their dreams.  But I haven’t been in the last week.  For no other reason in just relax chill time as I walk into one of the busiest seasons for my business.

Reading is one of my ways of just escaping….another book I read in the past few months…The Silver Linings Playbook.   Hilarious, sad, angry and at times awkward…but the main characters determination to have his happy ending and planning for his future ALMOST allowed him to miss his true happy ending.   And I think about that determination he had…its admirable.    And its true…sometimes TOO much focus can be a bad thing.  Too much determination can push people away…so this post is about encouraging you to live your “great perhaps” but also be understanding that there is so much LIFE to live for in just today.  Happy Tuesday beautiful peeps…and because I’m a photographer I can’t post a random post without a picture.

Thank you SO much for continuing to support me and my “great perhaps”  🙂



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