Kateri | Castle Rock Maternity Photographer

April 22, 2013

Loved this session.  There is always something about photographing a beautiful expecting momma.  I just think they are naturally gorgeous.  The excitement and the anticipation for holding their sweet little new one is always so apparent on their face.  Sure, the months are long and they are uncomfortable but its such a “quite” time in life.

I remember driving while I was pregnant with Kenz…and I would just put a hand on my belly and talk to her.  Dream about who she would be, what she would look like.  It was me and her (yes, of course Jon loved on her too) but it was a time in my life where the days would be crazy but then I would look down at my huge belly and think I can’t wait to meet her.   And it was those quite moments that made the long months seem so short and so much better because it was a gift to carry her in me.  Such a precious gift.   And I guess, that is where I’m going with that.  To me photographing an expectant mom is so special…those quite moments before the little one is in the world…making names for themselves.    And that “glow” that everyone talks about…its so true.  That love that is so apparent…LOVE that.  Anyway, before I get any more mushy here are a few photos from that afternoon.  😉



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