Mason, Elizabeth and Reed | Colorado Springs Family Photographer | Garden of the Gods

April 5, 2013

This session was a work out…oh yes, Reed had SO much energy.  But what I loved the most about him….is that I had to work to get him to give me a smile.  Very shy at first…but then he realized hey…I like to play too.    And we did…a lot.   And that is when he gave me the biggest, happiest grins ever. I found out later from Elizabeth that Reed took a VERY long nap that day.  And my work here was done.  ;p

For me a family session is about the interaction with the kiddos…yes, I get the traditional everyone looking at the camera photos…but my favorite…always my favorite is when a parent forgets I’m there.  And is focused on just playing with their babies.  Which then makes their adorable babies smile.  And then its the most natural smile…and I feel like I caught a realistic family moment.  Elizabeth and Mason, both beautiful people completely in love with their son Reed.    What great session for me to be part of!  Enjoy a few of our photos from that morning.



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